Blazel Back

One person who always impressed with visuals is Blazel. We have had the honor of covering some of his releases in the past, and we see him grinding daily in the underground community. One thing we admire about Blazel is the amount of effort he spends truly showing love back. It carries many of us as brands and individuals father than most could even imagine. Most dont let themselves see because they "dont want to mess up how neat their Twitter profile is" or arent hip to that "support wave". What if it wasnt a wave? Blazel is an artist to follow for many reasons.

We are here to cover his brand new music video out for the song 'From The A To The Ville' The song and visuals come paired with a feature with T=H@tti. The quality is very impressive. A nod is needed to all the people who help make Money and MoralsEntertainment a possibility. The video gives you that backyard block party angle mixed with nice cuts to ya facing forward rap comes in. T=H@tti comes with a hard verse that helps propel Blazel's verse. The two work well together. This also speaks in terms of the two in the same scenes of the music video. The energy in this song is organic and the visuals show that very well. The cuts and transitions are very good and progressive. Many dont use B roll in a manner to help break the stillness of the same angle. Blazel has yet to drop visuals that disappoint. View the video to this smoke song directly below.. Also, follow both artist on Twitter and continue to watch their come up!

Blazel HERE

T=H@tti HERE