Big Hit

Jux Bravo has a unique sound and style that compliments him extremely well. Going back to last year, we were lucky enough to cover his YouTube masterpiece with his video for his song 'Troopah'. That opened the doors to this very creative and revolutionary creative. Now we are here backing his latest single 'Big Bank' as the current SupportArt spotlight song. It can be found on all streaming platforms, so as long as you click play, we have done our job. 'Big Bank' is more of a mainstream sound for Jux to bring to the table but the execution like usual is perfect. Stream the track directly below, and make sure to search Jux Bravo on YouTube because the visuals and art behind the artist are to die for! Enjoy the track and stay connected with us as we hope to help keep you updated on all things Jux Bravo as the future rolls around.