Big Boi Carter Ballad

After the rise of Lil Nas X, hip-hop decided to go down an odd sounding path of fusion with country sounds in the most annoying and obvious way. If you follow us, any of our artists, or any of the amazing artists we have had the chance to cover in our short time, you know that we dont like genre limits. If done right, any sound can live alongside any other sound. Big Boi Carter proves this is the case with his newest single 'GRACE'.

The song is filled with an acoustic melody that carries its own texture and immediately draws you in. One aspect that was truly impressive was that the melody being used and played isnt a country sound that instantly makes it all click to a listener. You get a Lil Peep sound out of the guitar which should remind most of instrumentals created by Descent. It is the vocals and the conflection that bring the country sound to the forefront. The beat is what holds onto the hip-hop side of things. This allows for the genre fusion to happen, but keeps it from being overdone. More is less in almost all things especially art and music.

There are spots where the singing could have been a little better. We love that autotune wasnt a go to method on this song. That would take away from its southern and country elements which is where we feel Lil Nas X made his biggest mistakes. The use of autotune would bring in an EDM aspect to the song that is hard to kill off considering EDM is a genre based around sharp and distinct sounds. In the end, however you feel about the fusion of genres or each mentioned genre in their own right, the song we present to you by Big Boi Carter is amazing. We can knit pick all day, but in the end he created a true ballad and we will always applaud beautiful music. Stream 'GRACE' which is an original composition directly below, and follow Big Boi Carter on SoundCloud to keep tabs on this wonderful creative!