Bibby's Big Step

There has been a lot of recent collaboration between us here at SupportArt and the growing family at Worldofmetrvpoli$ which was founded and is ran by producer/rapper 215god. One of the members of the metrvpoli$ family that brings a very raw, social-commentary style to the table is that of Bibby, who is set to release his first EP on major platforms very soon which is titled 'A Step'. The EP takes a deep dive into what life for many including Bibby is like and the way he keeps one foot solidified in the place that makes him is what we feel truly makes his sound so great. He has a Young Jeezy or Yo Gotti quality. You can hear the streets in his voice and the way he says what he is saying more than what is being said. When speaking with Bibby about the EP, he simply said, "All praise to the most high YAH!". He went on to shoutout his team along with 215god especially and a little side applause for us here at SA. Bibby is a name that you want to put on your radar now and may have him their already in a much different form. He also recently published a book 'We Are Not Heroes' which you can go purchase via Amazon by clicking HERE. The book is published under Bibby's government name of DeAngelo Powers and was written alongside fellow author, Jadae Powers. It will also soon be available on their site soon.

To know what and when is to come from this creative follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

Get ready for 'A Step' which is set to land very, very soon!