Better Everytime

Not only is his music becoming increasingly better in every facet: quality, delivery, etc. In addition, D Cravo is raising the bar when it comes to his visuals. The best part. His competition in both areas is himself. In his latest drop 'Showin Up' with a feature from Young Micah included we are once again also blessed with a music video.

The angles, editing, and vibes given off by D Cravo videos continue to show growth. This video has terrific editing throughout. The only thing we would change is maybe some scenery and a little more B roll footage to seperate the clips. However, the blurs and quick scaling are excellent touches. The song itself is also terrific with Young Micah complementing the raspy lyrical flow D Cravo always brings.

View the official music video for 'Showin Up' directly below. Also follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE or Instagram HERE.