Been Killing It 'Lately'

SIROKA has transformed into an underground power house not only as an artist but also as a producer and audio engineer. After releasing the first single to his sophomore album, he struck again today with 'Lately' featuring fellow SA Alum Waveon and Psych Ward. The song is very melodic but also carries a dark heavy vibe along with it. I mean.. it has to if you are going to have a Psych Ward feature. The hook is genius. Honestly, it will get stuck in your head immediately. SIROKA serves up verse one with big facts. Waveon does as we have come to expect and rides the beat like a bronco at a rodeo. If you still dont get that, he rides the beat. Anyways, probably the biggest shining point in the song (tied with the chorus) is the Psych Ward verse. A very interesting take on his sound as SIROKA is engineering his own project as he added autotune to his vocals and graphed them to perfection The best part is how well it fits Psych Ward's sound. This song is a hit and a great way to follow up 'Oh Me Oh My!' with former SA Alum Cody James. He has also made engineer appearances on projects like 'S1NS' by B-L1FE. His beats are beginning to spread and will be heard on several giant projects to end this year and kick off the next. The rest, you have to do with your ears and a click of the play button.

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Psych Ward