Banger w/ A Twist

Two names you should know by now in the underground are the names Trillbazz & DJ OB1. Both recently came together for a song, which they both engineered, titled 'Nasty' that has caught instant traction from listeners.

It is a banger as can be expected from work involving the very talented DJ OB1, but there is also a unique sound that carries thoughout the song. It reminds you of a synth noise or a faint dash of EDM. Whatever it is, it makes this song by both these talents and young moguls a must listen.

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Make sure you keep up with both of them. Trillbazz is the genius mind behind Creatives Only and Florida Jams, and DJ OB1 has multiple projects coming including his second production album. Also he has a playlist with WAYV WRLD and Ace McCain set to drop in under ten days.