Back To Back

You see it in sports. How do you follow up a home run in fantastic fashion? You hit another one. You see it in arguments. What happens after a mild fight? The explosion argument happens. The same can be said of music. Some artists just get in their pockets. Unfortunately for those who consider other artists competition, they never leave that pocket.

Cole Niese decided to go back to back with hit songs. If you follow us closely, or actually support any area of the underground then you have at least seen his single 'Anymore' somewhere in passing. The song is doing very well since its release with what appears to be continued growth as his newest single 'Make Up' is taking off itself. Just like 'Anymore', the newest single was also produced by SCAR. It seems the duo is what is helping keep Cole in his pocket. Let us remind you, these are jabs from this artist. We havent even seen what a big punch from him looks like. However, us here at SupportArt will make sure to show you the big punch when it does land. We might even yell WORLDSTAR!

Stream 'Make Up' by Cole Niese directly below & follow him on Twitter HERE