AyeBee's Time

We have mentioned him in brief when covering fellow worldofmvtropoli$ members Bibby and 215god, but now is time to take an in-depth look at one of their artists with content out and more to come with AyeBee. He recently released his first full length project which featured production from the likes of The World producers and also a collab with B-L1FE, which was produced by The World CEO 215god, that was titled 'Zen'. We liked the good vibe music we heard in his first project and wanted to ask him so more questions about how his process works and what is to come. Enjoy our Q&A with AyeBee and content from him directly below.

Q: How did you get your start in music and where does the name AyeBee come from?

A: "Music always meant a lot to me, and I started writing when I was 15, but didnt take it all serious until 18. I had a roommate that wrote raps, and he pretty much sparked a fire in me to be better than he was, and I just never stopped grinding. My name, AyeBee, is literally just my initials. People in school used to call me A.B. so I just kind of spelled it out."

Q: Who were the biggest musical influences for you once you began to take the craft serious?

A: "To get the stereo type out of the way, (AyeBee is a white emcee) Im a huge Eminem and Logic stan. The technical side of their writing is so insane to me... definitely why I've practiced multisyllable rhymes so hard. That being said, I also admired Wiz Khalifa because of his swagger and chill vibe while still having a message to convey. Those influences have definitely helped mold my writing style."

Q: Do you think ghostwriting takes away from the craft with your own personal emphasis on lyricism?

A: "It depends on honestly. I think ghostwriting has its place in hip-hop. Not everybody has the whole package as an artist. With that being said, if you have ghostwriters, you gotta claim it! Its the folks who deny all accusations of it when its obvious... you dont get my respect."

Q: What would you say sets you apart from other artists?

A: "I would say the biggest thing that makes me different is how I look at music. I see it as an opportunity to better myself, not only in the music I make, but also in the life lessons that can be learned from just listening to other artists. Music is a universal language that we can use to communicate not only our emotions, but our stories and experiences to inspire other people. Thats worth more than any check off this."

Q: Where do you plan to extend to beyond music in the future?

A: "Honestly, I have no solid plan. Not to say there isnt many things I'd like to do, but in my personal experience life is unpredictable and I dont like to announce or voice my plans for the future until that door has opened. Right now, my focus is to expand on what I can within the bounds of music and the different lanes I have yet to explore like producing, engineering, and graphic design. Once I've kind of tasted the waters here and found my lane, thats when I think those other doors will open for me."

Q: When can we expect your next project?

A: "To be honest, I dont have any date or plan for my next drop. Currently just trying to get new music written and finished. When I have a couple things in the vault, I plan to announce my gameplan."

Q; Where do you start when writing a song or is it different everytime?

A: "Its usually different everytime. I'll freestyle to a beat until I hit a line or idea that really fits on it. Most times, I try to find a melody or flow that I like and if it fits better as the hook it'll go there and vice versa."

Q: If you could collab with one artist who would it be and why?

A: "Thats a hard one for me. I'd honestly love to get on a track with Hi-Rez someday. That man is a big inspiration to me, both in his lyrics and in his work ethic. On a more underground note, I'd like to do a track with Sorry X. Shes got a fantastic voice, and she has some songs that I relate to a ton."

Q: How would you describe the rest of the team at worldofmetrvpoli$? A: "Oh, The World is a bunch of talent for sure! From the collab beats I get sent to just seeing everyone making progress is an amazing thing. I've never been a part of a label or team like this, and its been massive in helping me grow and learn music and music business. Shout out to Falcon, 215god, Mentalz, and Barba for real. All of them have helped mold my brand and sould so far and they all deliver heat everytime."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Only thing is shoutout 215god and Good Vibes, M.I. Edition for believing in my vision enough to not only be around for my progress, but for pushing and inspiring me to keep growing and developing as an artist. Its the best feeling to know that someone would vouch for your art, and I would not be nearly where Im at without their support."

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