Astronaut Honesty

Astronaut Music Group artist Get Money Ghost just dropped his newest single 'Jus 2 B Honest' and the human vibe machine delivered! The song was heavily marketed and the drop held quite a good amount of anticipation. Now the world has it on all streaming platforms. Get Money Ghost yet again fits the beat and his new age style to perfection for what we would consider his best song to date. He brings so much energy to this song and mixes it with the melodic style we know him for so well. We know there is a lot coming from this creative in 2020, so it is only up from here. We dont even think outer space is the limit for this rare talent. You can stream the party ready single 'Jus 2 B Honest' on Spotify and Soundcloud directly below. Also follow the artist on Twitter HERE to watch the story of this AMG artist unfold.