As Bruce Buffer Would Say

It has been almost a year and a half in the making. The masterpiece of rising underground artist and SupportArt founder B-L1FE's debut album. He emerged on the scene with his debut EP in August of 2018 alongside the likes of, at the time Quality Control artist, King Kap, kevspeakstruth, Zak J, and Samuel. The EP was a slight sign of what his debut album would be. After the EP he dropped single after single on all platforms in a series he called 'A New Nature'. Now the trilogy will finally be completed as the debut album 'S1NS' will release on April 13th. Below we unveil the official tracklist and cover art that has been long awaited. Whether you support or not, this album is coming to be a masterpiece. When asked about what this album means, B responded with, "..means everything. More than anyone that isnt in my inner circle will know. This album isnt just big because its my debut one. This puts so much personal stuff to bed for me. This allows me to create freely. My mind can finally be uncluttered and music can begin to be fun again. Not that it isnt now, but with the demons I battle, its been hard to make what would be considered positive music. I hope people really do enjoy 'S1NS' and actually take something from it. Thank you to my team at SupportArt, to MUUMIS for engineering, and to my brother wa55up for a dream come true with the cover."


1) Proud (Prod. Kaster)

2) Since We Lost Tupac ft. ILL Luminance (Prod. Jadon Converse)

3) Saucy With My Woes ft. AB Sku & LGND Potential (Prod. Swubby)

4) Talk Nice ft. Lucy Bomba (Prod. Yung N ICy & Cole Tidus)

5) World At My Feet ft. wa55up (Prod. wa55up & MARROW)

6) Same Guy ft. Siroka (Prod. Siroka)

7) Different For A Reason ft. kevspeakstruth (Prod. Kaster)

8) Seen Around ft. DizzieDMT (Prod. Siroka)

9) Audi (Prod. Verti)

10) Ghost In The Shell ft. Marc The Prophet (Prod. Swubby)

11) Demon ft. Trillbazz (Prod. The Cupcake Gang)

12) Die ft. K. Horror (Prod. MAD RU$$IAN)

13) O.D. (Prod. SoundsBySeb)

14) Gang Talk (Prod. Yung N ICy)

CoverArt Designed By wa55up media solutions