Another Week Leaves Us Ahead

SupportArt continues to rapidly develop into a powerhouse outlet for underground music and as a multi-media label. This week (especially Friday) has shown the power of the team and roster. Add the releases we will detail with the the new 'SupportArt OnDemand' app now available on the Google Play Store and coming to iOS soon, and you have a winning formula. The app link which is available for free download nationwide is also available below.

Now on to the music moves. Four of our artists had drops this week: Zettabyte, kevspeakstruth, KEGUZI, and B-L1FE. B-L1FE dropped 'Gang' featuring Trillbazz to kick the week off. KEGUZI dropped an emotional full length project that speaks volumes with his release of 'BEAUTIFUL PAIN' on Thursday night. Then midnight hit, and we all got a hit from Zettabyte with his single drop 'GUAP' featuring FREE, kevspeakstruth, Xanlon (also a SupportArt Brand Artist), Kelebo, and IllMiss. kevspeakstruth kept Friday rolling strong by softly pushing out his album's single 'Home Alone' which is named after the album.

Then we do have our Friday exclusive as everyone knows. This week we use another submission. Last week we showcased the vibes of artist, success fortune rebirth, and this week the artist to have the spotlight is Yung Art. His exclusive will be available at 6PM EST on the SA Exclusives soundcloud page.

Just to add a cherry to the top, Sunday also marks the release of WHY SILENT's upcoming single 'Her Nightmare' featuring B-L1FE which will be hosted by some big names in the underground and is highly anticipated.

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Zettabyte - 'GUAP'

kevspeakstruth - 'Home Alone'

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