Another Wave

WAVEON has been one of the few artists to drop quality music from the beginning of this year all the way to this point. Almost half of 2019 is behind us, and a handful of artists have capitalized on each and every moment.

SupportArt recently signed a platform wide deal with REPOSTEXCHANGE which now only benefits our already organic results, and therefore benefits any of our spotlight tracks even more as you may have seen the newest WAVEON single 'Lost' as a featured song on the REPOSTEXCHANGE website. Like 'Dumb', WAVEON again brings a feature into the folds as well as this single features ToonVision.

The song is terrific. Probably the best of WAVEON's to date depending on what vibe you are looking for. This is definitely one of his deeper tracks. Again, he perfectly pairs his song with an instrumental produced by T H E H I L L S. The verse from ToonVision adds a nice contrast and element that is not expected, but only allows this hit to stand out even more. Again, WAVEON drops, and again, it is a success. The anticipation for his debut album is only growing with each and every passing day.

Stream 'Lost' directly below and follow WAVEON on Twitter HERE

Also Get Ready For His Clothing Company's Second Launch Coming At The End Of This Month Also... Follow Them On Twitter HERE