Another Success By Chidi

We are sure that you have seen a name countless times over the past couple of days. That name would be j0nny chidi. His newest release of the single 'no no no' has done what j0nny chidi releases do... succeed. Putting up staggering numbers on soundcloud once again, he also came to us here at SupportArt to keep the ball rolling. Not only are the numbers and fans great, but the music is also outstanding. He offers a unique sound that you cant quite put anywhere else. He steers towards the darker elements of hip-hop in what is becoming a centerpiece behind the reform of the genre. This is just one of many hits by j0nny chidi and we hope after streaming 'no no no' below, one will be certain to check out the rest of his terrific content.

As a footnote, we love producers. Credit is also due to ramisuave for the outstanding production. Tune in like the rest of the underground is!