Ambient Greatness

The mirage of what is and isn't hip-hop continues to grow. The gap that is beginning to form with no genre bounds and is nothing more than a chaos of new sounds that haven't been named is leading the surge of new rising music. Along with this rising music are many talented artists, but none capture an audience quite like Jux Bravo. His presentation in every facet as an artist is almost k-pop level perfect.

His sound has taken leaps and bounds from what he was doing in 2019. A perfect example would be his single alongside Anointed titled 'Lead'. It is a very melodic ambient song that shows off a very new side to Jux Bravo. There is nothing to this point that can even compare. Nothing in music that we have heard compares honestly. This is truly some groundbreaking Coachella type of stuff. Stream it for yourself below and follow the creative on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. We guarantee that the aesthetic will keep you there from the minute you see or hear anything that has to do with this Akron artist. There are no confines on what this song is leading to but we are keeping our eyes peeled.