Alternative Rock Meets Emo

jonny is an alternative rock artist that is doing what nobody is doing. There have been a lot of "emo" artists in the hip-hop field who often take alternative rock elements. Some artists are the late XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD. The acoustic elements were heavy in their music but it still remained true to the hip hop culture. jonny does the opposite with the vocals on his new single 'please don't go'. His vocals remind us of the Juice WRLD vocals from Lean With Me and carries a lot of the same vibes that can be heard on X's newest album. We definitely say give this song a chance. It is a unique sound from lyrical content to the way it is similar but yet the polar opposite of hip-hop using rock. For the first time, we have heard rock carry hip-hop elements while staying true to the base genre. jonny is a new fresh artist who will continue to improve and grow this unique sound. You can stream 'please don't go' directly below. Remember to follow jonny on SoundCloud to keep tabs on the music coming from this creative. If you are a fan of artists like Killsolow, Don Gady, or any other genre bending artists you are at the right place.

Another highlight for us was the cover art and how well it played into the sound of the song. Great work by jonny and all people involved for carrying one cohesive message throughout the aesthetic of the work!