All Sides Of AJ Chaka

If you are looking for something different in this industry that can still give you those great summer early fall vibes then you are looking for AJ Chaka and his newest single 'All Sides'. Lyrical content filled verses seem to cohesively merge with the summer uptempo beat. You also have that nice west coast sound with the light melody that along with Chaka's flawless delivery shines through. The biggest thing that impressed listening to 'All Sides' was the use of the beat. Artists who don't go out of what a beat allows in a sense, and rather build on the foundation that the instrumental has set in place are the kind of artists who often make hits. Step one of making a hit... make it catchy. Although AJ Chaka delivers with content filled bars and true hip hop lyricism, from the minute the chorus enters you are caught in the vibe.

AJ Chaka is a Texas native currently residing in Irving, but was born in Sacramento, California. He has been in Texas since 2012, and you can definitely hear the fusion of the two regions as you listen to not only 'All Sides' but more of his catalog. One song that is a perfect merger of that dirty south raspy sound mixed with the wavy smoker music the west coast is famous for is 'C.C.'. To be honest, there is not a bad song in the 21 year old emcee's catalog. This isnt a surprise considering he began creating music alongside his cousins at the early age of 4. Chaka openly credits Nas, Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar, Jill Scott, Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu, The Game, and Common as his musical influences. Within his entire catalog you can hear glimpes of every artist mentioned. 'Split' definitely gives you early Lupe vibes mixed with Nas cadence switches on top of a beat you could hear Common and The Game collaborate on.

In 2016, AJ Chaka signed with the independent label Neo Gold Records. In 2017, he released his debut single 'Trilluminati' which was a song focused on the negativity in his social life, attentiveness to the behaviors of those who surrounded him, and his distaste towards the government. If you want a deep, hard hitting song, that is one single you need to go catch up with. Since then it has been nothing but exponential growth by AJ Chaka especially once he started pairing his music with visual works. His debut visual 'LEO' in 2017 generated a lot of buzz for the upcoming artist along with a mixtape he also released in 2017.

To begin this year, AJ Chaka dropped a dual visual titled 'Alpha & Split' which are each their own singles on major streaming platforms. They act as the two lead singles of The Growth Tape. Now with a brand new single in 'All Sides' the stage is set for this Texan.

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