AJ Chaka's Latest

When it comes to being an artist, growth is one of the fundemental pieces of success. If any artist displays growth, it is that of Texas native AJ Chaka. With his latest project 'GT2' elevating his lyricism and style to another level, and his music videos taking large leaps with every drop, AJ Chaka is set to make a big leap forward in 2021. You can stream his latest project below as well as view his latest 2 music videos. Make sure to follow him on Twitter HERE as you continue the article.

Marketing is key as an artist and it showed with how AJ Chaka released his projects. Using music videos to hype up singles off the project, and having them be of such high quality gives way to being able to actually hype up a project. Listeners and fans respond more to visual content than any other kind. It shows that AJ Chaka is investing wisely into the production and editing of his visual content. It shines in the efforts put forth by the artist and all parties involved on the music videos for '4 Da Record' and 'Coulda Been Me'. View both directly below.

Both videos gaining such good traction on Youtube, and the branding and consistency AJ Chaka approaches his craft with have guided a good audience and we hope more to the lyrical, unique project available on all major platforms, 'GT2'. Remember to follow him on Twitter via the hyperlink above as well as all social medias using the handle @AJChaka. We look forward to more from this fast rising creative.