AB Sku Review

North Carolina native AB Sku recently released his EP 'Red Foxx' and came to SupportArt for us to give you the scoop on the project. Sometimes a project is best summarized by the artist who created it. As artists, we always have underlying symbolism and more that holds personal significance to us.

We asked AB Sku a very simple question. What does this project mean to you?

He gave us this answer, "This project is just me releasing my thoughts and projecting a message in a very original way. I bring experiences that we can all relate to whether they are serious or light. The project has a melodic movement that will comfort a listener's soul and help them escape briefly and just be lost in the music. I chose the name 'Red Foxx' because that is my spirit animal. That is exactly what I put into this tape."

Below you can stream 'Red Foxx' on Spotify. It is also available on all streaming platforms. After you stream, enjoy our review and also some visuals from AB Sku.

REVIEW: Melodic is one way to summarize the EP as AB Sku did himself. That does not do it justice. The production value and choice of beats adds layers and layers of beauty to the project. The adaptation to the instrumentals by AB Sku is magical. The music truly releases you from your current being no matter the topic. The track 'Womb' was a huge stand out for us. A deep song if you listen to the lyrical content, yet it carries a peaceful vibe that eleviates all worries as a listener. Tracks like 'Quarter Brick' take a typical topic from surface value and turns it into an adventure. One thing is for sure, you will need to have your shakras aligned either before or after listening to 'Red Foxx'. Every track is excellent and unique. Even after this review, we will be listening to this EP for awhile. We give it 5 stars, 10 out of 10, and two thumbs up.