A True Adventure

Some albums are almost too cohesive. The artist tries to find one tone to speak through and listeners end up with ten plus songs that seem to blend together. The opposite can be said of the latest full length project by SupportArt's producer/rapper juggernaut Siroka. The album, released just a few weeks ago, is titled 'Hello, My Name Is...', and it gives listeners a wide range of sounds and vibes to enjoy.

Here is a look at the album's tracklist

1) Rainbow Road

2) The Check In, PT 1

3) Collective ft. Endio, FryedBoyMarley, B-L1FE, & Tuke

4) Kid Is Back ft. Jayrahx

5) Victory Lap

6) Nobody Else

7) Neversmile ft KEGUZI

8) Canufeeltheviiibe / Faded Interlude

9) Yellow ft Endio

10) Hypeman ft CodyMike & thebigcaesar

11) Nothing to Say ft. Tuke

12) Hideaway ft. Eva Turner

13) Aftermath

Siroka does an excellent job of placing his features and showing off his production skills. If you loved the beats, all of them were made by the artist himself. The vibes are all around the map. Victory Lap and HypeMan give you hard hitting rhythms and a more mainstream gudda sound. Songs like Nobody Else transcend all things Mac Miller as Siroka takes a look at mental health. Then songs like Rainbow Road and Yellow give you a new flare to the hip-hop sound while content wise are deep and meaningful songs with much to be offered.

Regardless, there is something for every fan in Siroka's album. Stream it directly from Spotify below and follow Siroka on Twitter HERE.