A Toast to the Bigger Picture

In honor of the spotlight artist D Cravo, his newest single 'Bigger Picture' reflects a lot of things that many, well most, creatives could really learn from. This industry is all about persistence, consistency, and a true work ethic. Any musician that does it for a living that hasnt fully "made it" can tell you it is harder work than any day job they ever had. It is truly a 24/7 hands on career path. With this latest release, D Cravo again rises further than he had on his previous efforts. At this point, it may be safe to say there is no limit for the Kentucky based artist. Yet again paired with his go to producer, D Cravo delivers much more than a song, but if you are viewing the industry the right way he sent a message. A message filled with love. That message was very clear... just try to be better daily. Yet again, we present to you a better D Cravo since we last covered him. You can stream the new drop 'Bigger Picture' directly below. Also follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE for some dope behind the scenes videos and more that this artist and now CEO has in the works.