A New Throne For The K!NG

K!NG is a well known underground artists slowly pushing the label underground behind him. As of last week, he announced he had joined the artist roster of WAYV WRLD alongside talents like Connor Anderson, sonnyfaygo, and Rxse. So far, the lineup alone is powerful. Add in the connection K!NG brings with him, and magical things are on the horizon.

One magical piece of work has already landed though with the latest single by K!NG 'Call Me' having just dropped featuring Kevin Kazi and July. July also produced the melodic masterpiece. When speaking with K!NG, his confidence in this track was very apparent. He said, "this one has a chance to be big!". He said these words rightfully so. The song delivers in several different facets while he remains true to the sound that continues to push him higher and higher in the industry. His savvy business moves, and adding himself to a well rounded collective have us all excited to see what is next.

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