A New Sound Has Arrived

Today so many artists tend to sound the exact same. The beats begin to become repetitive with most underground producers using the same beat packs. Then you have an artist that recently grabbed our attention in a big way in Preshy. He brings a different twist to the "emo" wave that began sweeping hip-hop around the end of 2018 and bridges it with the Members Only type of hard hitting music. He displayed his talent and his sound with authority with his newest single 'Kite' which has a guest appearance by Lil Darb.

One thing outside of the sonic unison the two artists share that stands out is the simplicity. Most read that word and immediately think it is a negative connotation but in most cases, especially when creating art, less is more. The beat isnt all over the place and battling the artists for your attention. Both Preshy and Lil Darb also do a terrific job of complementing the beat and finding the grooves that it presents. The sound is unique and not too far in one direction while still finding a terrific niche. All in all, Preshy was a new name for us but is now a name that will remain on our radar. You can follow Preshy on Twitter HERE, and you can stream the single 'Kite' directly below or as the featured project currently on our home page.