A New Nature

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

B-L1FE did not waste any time after releasing his debut project 'Reborn - EP' in August. Only a month a half removed, the release of his debut mixtape is right around the corner. The mixtape, 'A New Nature', is the second setup for what will be his debut album coming early 2019. The album is to be titled 'S1NS'. The projects are literally a full cycle three step process. They reflect on what it was like for an artist who had signed a contract, been shelved, and is now back after removing himself from the music scene for over 3 years.

Reborn - EP: This was basically wordplay on the fact that B-L1FE was back. His prior stage name was different.

A New Nature: This is where the storytelling begins. When you are born or in this case reborn, you have instincts or a predetermined nature. Since this is B-L1FE coming back, this time with complete creative control over every single aspect of his music, it was fitting to call the mixtape 'A New Nature'.

S1NS: No matter what, a person born into this world is born of a sinful nature. It is simply who we are.

If you have heard the 'Reborn - EP', you finally got to see B-L1FE as the artist he truly is. Before the EP's release, people couldnt quite peg what style he had. He made tracks with artists that have styles all around the hip-hop scene. He made wavy tracks like 'Leaving Earth Remix' with ITSTANR. He made baby making music with FREE on the track 'Wasted Time'. He made some bangers like his track 'Nunnn Freestyle' which is a freestyle over the beat used by 2 Chainz on the song 'Bigger Than You'. Most dont know, but his true style is lyricism. Even when adapting to various sounds, you still hear the wordplay and tone he always brings to the table. One line that stands out is the from 'Wasted Time' where he says 'top off good and the top good, Pinky and the Brain'. If you dont get that, you might want to leave this blog and do a good ol fashioned google search.

Now with the mixtape almost here (set to release October 30th) we can finally exhale as the official tracklist is to be released... here!

Below you can view all 16 songs that will be on 'A New Nature' along with their features and producer credits. The tracklist you see below is set in stone.


1) Bodies ft. Samuel, GeneralBackPain, & Psych Ward

Produced by Samuel

2) So You Think You Can Rap

Produced by ZY XO

3) Im Feelin ft. TomLean

Produced by EggHead Productions

4) Second More Or Less ft. Amory

Produced by M^rrow

5) FWM ft VoX & Angry Orphan

Produced by D. Lynch

6) Get To The Bag ft. GeneralBackPain

Produced by AmpOnTheTrack

7) Baby Pictures ft siroka, Xanlon, & LOVE RYAN

Produced by Denzell Gray

8) Long Time ft Samuel

Produced by Samuel

9) Wait

Produced by Hyper Chill

10) Fortnite ft. Marc The Prophet, FREE, Marq Antoni, & Psych Ward

Produced by EggHead Productions

11) Who You Think You Is

Produced by Oscar Beats

12) Monolithic ft. Samuel & Enigma The Gemini

Produced by Samuel

13) Scarface ft. Angry Orphan & kst

Produced by Hyper Chill

14) Jolt ft. Samuel & OG Banko

Produced by Samuel

15) Sit Down

Produced by Hyper Chill

16) Mind Powers ft. Psych Ward, Alphabyte, & Angry Orphan

Produced by Oscar Beats