A New Addition With A Splash

SupportArt has a new brand artist that they are adding to their current roster. The newest addition is a newer face in the industry Xanlon. The progression from an artist SupportArt is fond of, to becoming a brand artist was rapid to say the least. It started with a collab with kevspeakstruth 'Die Yung' which is now turning into the two releasing a dual EP in the near future. Then he made a splash with his feature on the latest B-L1FE single 'Baby Pictures'. Not even a week later, the announcement was made that Xanlon and B-L1FE would soon be back on wax together with what will be the next SupportArt Exclusive. Now within hours of that announcement, SupportArt has stamped Xanlon and brought him into the corporate side of things.

One thing CEO, B-L1FE, has come to realize lately, is that making an artist with a fan base and platform already in place a brand artist is near impossible. That artist has already found what they feel works for them and is their path. The best approach is to find young raw talent that has enormous upside. Artists like Xanlon, or even past signings like Angry Orphan, who now runs his own brand ILL MANRD while still being an SA brand artist. Being young and raw is not a bad thing. It simply means that you are not set in your ways. With SupportArt, things are actually different. The underground is filled with brands who say this or that and do the opposite when the time comes. For instance, England based producer M^rrow was at one time a SupportArt brand producer and artist. Things were not clicking so he was removed from the corporate side. B-L1FE makes it very clear to all corporate artists that they are free to be creative and expand by all means. M^rrow had two choices. He could become angry and speak negatively about a movement that, whether in the corporate side or not, would always support him, or he could work hard and work his way back. He did even more. He started a producer ran brand which we did a previous Q&A over. With all this being said, we are beyond proud of M^rrow and his brand Fire Side Beats is now an affiliate.

So... we have a different mindset than most, if not all, brands or labels. Xanlon fits what we need to bring in. Our corporate side is a family. We want people who can develop the views and practices which have made us successful. Xanlon has so much talent but is new, and with the right support and platform can grow as much as he is willing to grow.

Be expecting more names to join the corporate ranks that you may have not heard of.

Listen to 'Die Yung' & 'Baby Pictures' Below!