A Deep Pool Of Talent

We started out our list blogs with a run down of who was on top of the underground. Then we followed it up with our top 10 under the radar artists and our top 10 new comers. With so much talent found in the music industry it only made sense to have the underrated artists list continue past one volume. We plan to continue to give back and shine light on the amazing undiscovered talent as time passes. Here is our Top10Underrated Volume 2 blog where you can follow any artist by simply clicking their name. You can also stream all of their music in the sections below. Enjoy and remember this will not be the last. Congratulations to all the artists featured in this write up.

1) Kyng Kilo

2) Mitch Transue

3) Drew Santana

4) Lil Sample

5) $paceman

6) R-KNE

7) FlackoSOA

8) DrDread

9) Drizztopher Walken

10) Plain James