A Crazy Duo

If you want versatility then artists like Fat Daddy J and B-L1FE are essential. Fat Daddy J is officially the example of different styles with the slogan "100 vibes, 1 artist" and is the first thing seen when you visit his website. B-L1FE has many styles, but his ability to work with any kind of sound and artist, and the collaboration efforts he has put together forcing other artists to new places make him a versatile mastermind. Large collabs he has organized thus far which can found on all streaming platforms include 'Fortnite' which featured Marc The Prophet, NOTfree, Marq Antoni, and Psych Ward as well as the one year anniversary SA cypher which released under SIROKA (who also produced the song) with features by B-L1FE, RVLA, Quil Smith, Fat Daddy J, Psych Ward, Penny the Shabba, and NOTfree. It too can be found on major streaming platforms. Fat Daddy J is no stranger to collabs with many songs done within the Creatives Only family with artists like Smokey Sanchez and Know ART who are also now members of the SA alum. So, it only made sense for these two artists to pair together for an EP... no features, only dual collaborators.

October 10th is now here which means the release of 'Don't Turn Off the Lights' which was first scheduled to release the 1st until distribution changes were made. It is four tracks all of which feature both B-L1FE and Fat Daddy J. The best part is their styles and the multitude they possess makes it at times hard to tell who is doing what. In one song you have the metal screams which brought B-L1FE into the music industry alongside Audioslave sounding syfy singing of Fat Daddy J. The next song it is singing from B-L1FE and lyrical bars as Fat Daddy J shows off his range of screams from lows to highs and even one pig squeal. The EP has production efforts from known trap metal producer MUUMIS, a hidden gem in Mushi, and Fat Daddy J himself. This allows for the two artists to show their metal and grunge roots that feels both hardcore and emotional based at the same time. That, and the mastering of Penny the Shabba (Lead Engineer of SupportArt) allows for more than just hip hop but true art. That art is available for streaming directly below and now on all platforms. These two have bright futures, and with the launch of PlayMade radio and its sponsorship by SA... the sky cannot be the limit.


1.) Where The Fuck The Plug

Prod. Mushi

2.) Don't Turn Off The Lights

Prod. Fat Daddy J

3.) Analog


4.) Comatose

Prod. Fat Daddy J

Expect More Tonight At Midnight As B-L1FE Releases His Single "Machine" On All Platforms Followed The Next Day By His Feature For DreLee863 Titled "Money Too Long"!