8 Thumbs Up

Let us start by saying... producers are the real MVPs. They are literally carrying the majority of mainstream music. Songs that are cracking the billboards are filled with nonsense but if you have a TM88 or Metro beat, then you probably have a hit song. One underground producer who has an incredible grind is Ocho VIII. Moving undetected through the ranks of the underground he made a big splash with the release of his latest beat 'Osaka'.

It had been two months since we had heard from Ocho VIII. Whenever he is silent, it only means something big is coming. In 2018 we saw him widen his own style and collaborate with several growing, talented artists. 'Osaka' shows his own personal growth as he transcends his former self. This beat is amazing music all by itself. Now, Ocho's question is... who is going to be buying it?

Make sure you go stream 'Osaka' directly below and you can contact Ocho VIII HERE for any more information needed.