4 The World

SA Alum, DAIWOCSTAR, is the poster child for growth. Not only in his lyrics and image, but also in the quality that those are presented through. His newest project '4 The World' is a shining example. It is the parent project for two singles we have recently spotlighted. One is 'NEW MAG' which brings the high energy style DAIWOCSTAR fans are accustomed to. It is a big example of how this artist's audio quality is taking giant strides. It is clear that the artist has found themselves and now the progression behind the scenes can begin to shine and be a focal point. The intro has been the other spotlight song and features a side not seen often by DAIWOCSTAR. The song is a heartfelt tribute to a friend that the artist holds dear and the emotion can be felt through the song. This is the kind of powerful switch in tempo that an artist needs to really seperate themselves from your every day niche rapper. The entire project is worth a listen and then another listen. You can stream the project directly below and follow DAIWOCSTAR on Twitter HERE to keep up with the artist, his team, his label, and the artists that he represents. There is definitely more to come and soon! You can also find this project on other streaming platforms.