4 Away From 3 Sixes

B-L1FE is much more than just the CEO of SupportArt. He is also a member of the collectives Creatives Only and VPR GNG. He is the co-owner and CEO of his record label FAITHxVICTORY Records. He is the co-owner and creative director of the clothing company TRACKSTARSZN. He also is writer for Atlanta based media outlet RED SCALE MAG. He puts his all into each respective brand, and his crafts include literally everything but creating instrumentals.

If you are wondering where this young mogul came from, it was truly out of the blue. At the age of 18, nearly a decade ago, under a different stage name he signed a contract that would leave him restricted for close to three years and unable to create for almost another 4. Last year, after having also relocated from Indiana to Texas, a rapper with multiple crafts including design animation and audio engineering burst onto the scene. In doing so, he started his collective and promotion brand SupportArt.

His first release on major platforms was a single titled 'R.I.P. XXX' in honor of the fallen creative. He followed this with his debut EP 'Reborn' which featured many talented artists like Quality Controls' King Kap and others. The EP mostly fell on deaf ears due to being brand new all over again in a sense. However, it did lead to good business connections. If you know B-L1FE, or even if you have only heard of him through the grapevine, you know that he conducts good business. Building off of relationships with fellow CEOs like Ace McCain, kevspeakstruth, GRYDN, and more, B began to build a solid following while dropping single after single on major platforms with many talented producers and artists. Along the way to his debut album which was released earlier this year on April 13th and is titled 'S1NS' he dropped numerous projects like dual EPs with producers. Those two projects are 'W1TH0UT B0RD3R5' which was alongside UK based producer MARROW, and another EP titled 'The Wounds Within' which was produced by Ocho VIII and Yeoj.

The album had been a long process, and in its uniformity and story telling you can see the dedication and time put into all the tracks from 'S1NS'.. However, we are now 4 days away from B-L1FE's sophomore album '6'6'6'. Its a quite ominous title, but the two singles that were released prior to its release in 4 days weren;t as grunge and trap metal influenced as you might expect. We did hear a lot of the trap metal sound B prides himself on in the back part of his debut album, and yes, the first single off '6/6/6' was a darker song alongside Alphabyte with their collaboration 'Clasick'. However, the second single was probably the most mainstream sounding song we have heard from the Houston artist with 'Pour Another Shot' which was produced by fellow SA alum Siroka. All we do know is B is very calculated. He has a reason for every piece of art that comes out. We also know that '6/6/6' from start to finish is his best work yet, and it will perfectly set up a giant 2020 which is already locked and loaded and just waiting on him to announce.

As of today, the sophomore album by B-L1FE is now available for pre-order on Apple music. That link can be found directly below followed by the official tracklist. If you visit B-L1FE's website you can find the Spotify pre-save hyperfollow, or you can find it as his pinned tweet on his Twitter HERE.

Get ready for '6/6/6' which releases worldwide on all major streaming platforms the minute the clock turns over to June 30th following EST.

To proceed to Apple Music and pre-order please visit the Apple Music page HERE.

6/6/6 Official Tracklist

1) What If

prod. Fryedboymarley

2) Breaking Sad ft. SAYYAS

prod. Siroka

3) Angel

prod. LXR111

4) Pour Another Shot

prod. Siroka

5) Watch Your Steps

prod. Cero Supreme

6) Breathe

prod. Penny, the Shabba

7) Clasick ft. Alphabyte


8) Trading Time


9) Owe Not A Soul ft. JBadge

prod. SoundsBySeb

10) Asking These Questions

prod. Cero Supreme

11) Hallelujah

prod. Kaster

12) Gang Talk 2

prod. Yung N ICy

Engineering for '6/6/6' by B-L1FE & Penny, the Shabba.

Artwork for '6/6/6' by L1FEGFX