2020 Has Some New Faces

In 2018 when we were created it is a fair assessment to say that the underground, especially hip-hop was over-saturated. While there is still a plethora of talent that is in the underground (even some still completely hidden) it is beginning to feel less saturated. Somehow, these artists are pushing each other to the next level and creating sub genres that thus create sub genres. The quality that the underground has began to present in almost all circles is exceptional and our ultimate goal upon being founded was to help support that talent.

In 2019, we did 7 of these blogs. We simply go exploring and find 20 extremely talented artists and to give the whole thing a slight competition for fun feel we run 10 polls. Those 10 winners get featured in this blog where you can hear their content and even go directly to their Twitter all from the listing below. All 20 artists are rare and exceptional talents! The rankings are simply based on our listening and are merely for fun. To all creatives, we hope to one day feature you and we hope you enjoy the first Top10Underrated blog of 2020.

1.) Gue$$

2.) Angry Orphan


4.) hex6

5.) MXN

6.) altrrboy

7.) paydaytho


9.) realproperlike

10.) YT